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Designed to provide a higher quality cut.

Laser Cutting Technology Designed for Safety, Speed, and Saving You Money.

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Every business is working to be a better version of themselves and if they aren’t then the ones that are will end up passing them by. The manufacturing landscape continues to change because of many different challenges, low cost countries, increase in material costs and lack of skilled labor …to name a few. Metal turning is one of the industries hit hardest by these challenges and Engineered Machining Systems is working to address some of these issues.

Our ParePro technology is designed to provide a higher quality cut, reducing chip size and increasing throughput. ParePro can be integrated with your existing turning equipment or be setup as a stand along operation.

Because of our products, our clients have seen


Improved Cycle Time

Decreased Down Time

Reduced Tooling Costs

Capital Equipment Cost


Improved Product Quality

Coolant Elimination

Reduced Machine Repair

Increase in Operator Safety


A truck manufacturer had trouble keeping long scrap metal stringers off the tooling and out of the stamping equipment when they turned the finished surface. Our ParePro technology was installed and eliminated the long metal chips were eliminated. As a result, the truck manufacturer saw:

– Reduction in Part Processing Steps
– Part Load/Unloading Time
– Reduction in Capital Equipment Cost


During the lathe operation, a truck manufacturer was having an issue with chips accumulating inside the hub clutch, made from 8620. Our ParePro technology was implemented by applying 5 scribe lines on the inside diameter of the tube. As a result, the truck manufacturer saw:

– Reduced Tooling Costs
– Reduced Machine Repair
– Increased Product Quality


Post turning operation, an international supplier of axle assemblies was having trouble with machined chips obstructing the tube’s inside diameter. After ParePro was applied, four 4 scribe lines appeared along the length of the tube, which resulted in:

– Decreased Cycle Time
– Coolant Elimination
– Decreased Down Time

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