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The ParePro machine is culmination of some of the most cutting edge technologies out there. By utilizing a laser ParePro is capable of accurately and repeatable process parts in a non-contact matter allowing for no-wear parts. The ParePro technology is designed to allow flexibility for multiple parts in one cell while still holding tight tolerances.

ParePro comes in multiple sizes depending the application and volume of parts. Even though all machines have similar equipment the size and capabilities change for each piece of equipment. Each machine will include a completed system with integrated ParePro CPU that allows for coordinated laser and motion control, yours or ours. All laser and operational safety equipment will be included with each machine along with part specific programming (up to 3 parts).

Operational equipment available

Standalone cell

If integrating into the existing operations is not possible, we can provide a standalone machine to preprocess parts.

Depth Inspection

If the process requires the need for laser depth inspection, we can integrate the equipment to quantify the laser operation in a production environment.

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