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Our ParePro process uses both Class 3b and Class 4 lasers and laser systems.  When dealing with lasers, serious injuries can occur and precautions must be taken to avoid any incidents.

The following list contains items that laser users or prospective users should consider when using laser systems:
  1. Never look directly into the laser output port when it’s powered.
  2. Before beginning, read the User’s Guide so you are familiar with the operating and maintenance instructions that have provided. 
  3. Do not enable the laser without a coupling fiber or the equivalent attached to the optical output connector.
  4. When the laser is activate, do not install or terminate fibers or collimators.
  5. All operators, including those not working directly with the laser, must wear appropriate laser safety eyewear.
  6. Do not use the laser in a dark environment.
  7.  Make sure laser enclosures are set up to prevent eye damage from visible radiation that can take place between the laser and the material being processed.
  8. Gases, sparks and debris can be generated from interaction of the laser and the work surface, so validate that the work surface is vented properly.
  9. Where using the laser, post warning signs, and limit access to the area to individuals who are trained in laser safety.
  10. The operator of the laser is responsible to notify of laser usage and control the laser area.